5 Global Aperos That Originated From France

France is a country known for a lot of things, from its beautiful and historic cities to the famous long lunch break and tasty aperos. The list of the most amazing things about France can go on and on, but this article will focus on some global tasty foods that originated from France.   Prepare to have your mind blown because some of these foods that we have come to love and appreciate all over the world came to be completely by accident. Sounds funny right ? People were trying to make one thing and ended up with another, but discovered that the new version is even better. Take a minute to think about it and you’ll admit that this is how most foods came to be. If you’re planning a visit to France or you’re just interested in learning more about the French culture, keep reading. 

The Tasty Croissants 

The process of making this is similar to that of bread, but the croissant requires more ingredients to get its unique taste. Also, unlike bread, it is always rolled and folded before it’s subsequently rolled on a sheet. The croissant is usually crescent in shape, giving it a distinct look. You can find delicious croissants in any part of the world today. Some places even take it further by serving frozen croissants. This option still has the same yummy taste, but with less stress involved when making the dough compared to the regular one. 

The Spongy Madeleines 

These are small sponge cakes made traditionally with ground almonds. There is no special or unique tool for its preparation. It is made from cake batter. Its fame is because of the recipe’s author, Proust. 

The Sweet Tarte Tatin 

The Tarte Tatin is named after the Tatin sisters who are credited for creating the recipe for this delicacy in the 1880s. There are different stories as to how the Tarte Tatin came into existence but the consistent part of all these stories is that it came by accident while the sisters were making an apple pie to serve the guests in their hotel. The guests were said to have loved the new version pie more than the original. So, the sisters added it to their menu. 

The Tasty Crème de Cassis 

This is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks to originate from France. About 16 million liters of the Crème de Cassis are produced annually in France. It can be found in many countries around the world. It is made from blackcurrant and is dark purple. The Crème de Cassis is sometimes added to a dry white gin to create what is called a Kir.  

Chambord, the Light Alcohol 

This low alcohol liqueur is relatively new to the market compared to other drinks from France. It was made in 1982 and its ingredients included black raspberries, honey, orange, and vanilla. The Chambord can be found in any part of the world and is unique for its dome-shaped and golden ornate bottle. 


So, here you have it, five foods and drinks that you probably didn’t know originated in France. Which one of the above-mentioned items have you tasted? If you want more information about French foods, music or anything else, visit French Iceberg.

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