Plant-Based Dining Why It’s A Phase That’s Not Going Anywhere

Most people in 2023 know at least one person who’s vegan or vegetarian. In the last few years, more specifically since the rise in TV programs by world-famous narrator David Attenborough in 2018, more people than ever have been looking into alternative food sources that don’t put the planet under so much pressure.

Of course, while you’re out at your favorite eatery or you’re ordering takeout online, it’s important to note that the all-too-famous green V next to a menu item highlighting a vegan food option is here to stay. This article will explore why, so read on and enjoy!

It’s Better For The Planet

OK, so this is a point that was highlighted earlier; vegan and vegetarian eating is better for the planet, and with many restaurants, takeout outlets, and even Michelin kitchens stating that they want to do their bit for the planet, it’s important for them to serve vegan and vegetarian options. 

So, your local 5-star eatery may even start serving a vegan meal as part of its Wednesday night dinner specials, so try it out!

Improved Health

Back to biology 101, humans aren’t able to synthesize vitamin C and, as a group, it’s important to eat vegetables and fruit every day, to ensure that scurvy, which is the end stage of vitamin C deficiency, is avoided. 

Of course, eating foods that are high in vitamin C, fiber, and nutrients is great anyway, but all plants and vegetables contain all five essential amino acids that can build the blocks of protein, so the old “vegans are deficient in protein” argument holds no water when it comes to health. More people than ever before are becoming vegan, and statistically, those who follow a vegan diet don’t have a higher incidence of health issues than those who eat meat or who are vegetarian or pescetarian. 

It’s Cheaper

Suffice to say that meat and fish are becoming more expensive. So, while it may seem odd to consider vegan food solely for its price, even when you’re eating out at a restaurant, it may be cheaper than you may think. 

All the ingredients in vegan food are available as it is, from vegetables to rice, to pasta, and, with the addition of vegan meats, there’s not going to be much difference when ordering food or buying food that’s vegan in relation to cost comparisons. 

It’s Tasty

Many avid meat eaters will state that vegan food is, well, not very tasty, to put it mildly. Of course, blind taste tests have found that many vegan meats, cheeses, sweets, and other foods are now indistinguishable from regular foods, which means that vegan meat is getting closer in its taste to real meat without the associated guilt that many people may feel while eating it. 

If you were to order a vegan burger at a restaurant, it’s safe to say that, statistically, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference, so why not try one?

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