Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Wieners, Sausages, and Dogs

What do you call them? Dogs? Frankfurters? Wieners, franks, hotdogs, weenies. Red hots. Wienerwurst. Coney. Sausage! They go by so many names, and they bring to mind so many different tastes and textures and unique recipes. We all have our favorites, and the debate about which city has the best dog will probably go on until the end of time. This is everything you need to know about hotdogs and sausages!

You’ll find all sorts of sausages out there, and there is an endless variety made from exceptionally rare meats. Then there are those more common: you’ll enjoy dry sausage if you like fermented foods. On occasion they’re smoked, but either way they’ll last a lot longer than other kinds. You’re probably most familiar with pork sausage, which is made from (obviously) pork, and seasoned with any number of spices. Vienna sausages taste similar to hotdogs because they’re made from the same stuff, but they’re more petite.

And then we have the wiener. It’s actually not much different than the traditional hotdog or vienna sausage. In fact, it’s name translates to vienna sausage in German. Wiener, vienna, wiener, vienna, wiener–you get the idea. They’re often wrapped in a preservative casing that can also be eaten. The texture turns a lot of people off to this particular brand of dog.

There are a number of different frankfurter options out there for your watering taste budds to try. Franks use different types of meats in combination, including beef and pork and sometimes chicken. They’re cured and smoked before cooking, their size can vary from small to large, and they’re seasoned to taste.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can find the frankfurter wurstchen. These can be eaten raw (as can most other dogs that are pre-cooked), but they’re often heated before consumption. The taste is unlike other dogs because there is a unique way of smoking them. On top of that–and this is the part that turns some people away–the casing is also rather uniquely made. From lamb intestine. Yum!

The frankfurter würstel is also similar to the vienna type of sausage. It’s just another kind to try, but you can experiment with different brands and makers to find the one you like best.

Last but not least is the frankfurter rindswurst. If you like beef, beef, and more beef, then this one’s for you.

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