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Top 5 Best Eateries In Australia That You Should Visit

If you are in Australia or planning to visit, it is that time of the year that you need to go online and search for the best restaurant to visit. Knowing the best restaurant to visit can turn out to be a difficult task. But here is a list of the top restaurants to help you pick the best restaurant to visit. 

Alberto’s lounge

It is an Italian restaurant and wine bar located near Hyde Park, Sydney. Recently it has been listed as one of the best restaurants in Australia. You can find a diverse menu from spiced braised tripe to pan-fried mackerel. There is something for all tastes at this upcoming restaurant. So, if you love Italian food, it’s a great place to visit.

Napier quarter.

It is the kind of place that might make you think of moving to the busy and leafy Fitzroy area. In the morning, the place is an espresso bar, and it transforms into the best pub in Melbourneoffering tasty wine in the afternoon. Chef Eileen Horsnell is the main chef and creates inspired dishes using carefully selected local ingredients such as Bass Strait octopus and heirloom carrots. They have a rye toast containing boiled egg, Spanish anchovies, and parsley, which has a lot of fans.

Attica restaurant

It is a regular restaurant in the “50 best world restaurants” list. The main chef in this restaurant is Ben Shewry. You can find it in the unassuming suburbs of Melbourne. When dining here, you will enjoy the food. The main chef prepares and delivers an intriguing combination of unique and diverse ingredients, some of which he picks himself in the morning. In the kitchen of Attica, these ingredients are cooked using specific techniques.

They have adventurous drinks that comprise of everything from different kinds of wines to cold-smoked apple juice. If you need to make a reservation, you can do it on the first Wednesday of every month. 

Joy Restaurant

It was started back in 2018 by Chef Tim and Sarah Scott. It is a small restaurant that fits ten people at a time, and they have a bench style dining. The chefs cook and serve customers. 

At joy restaurant, you will have a fantastic experience, services, and a great menu. In every dish, you get to experience varied textures and flavors that will create an explosion in your mouth. You will experience a more personal atmosphere because you will be interacting with the Chefs as they do their magic in the open kitchen.


Quay is an award-winning cuisine in the category of ‘nature-based’. Chef Peter Gilmore started it, and you can find it in Sydney. You will enjoy the view of Sydney harbor while in its spectacular dining room.

They have a unique menu that comprises of reworked classic dishes and new dishes made depending on the season. There is an extensive wine list, and food pairing is also available. Quay has made it in the “World’s 50 best restaurants” for so many times.

So, those are the top eateries in Australia that you should visit and have a taste of their dishes. But if you like clubbing, you can search for the best pub in Melbourne online to get more information.

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