8 Oh-So-Tasty Party Food Ideas Sure to Wow Your Guests

One of the things we bond the most over is food.

We go out to breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and dessert. Many couples find that having a quiet night in and sharing a delicious home-cooked meal is very romantic.

It’s no secret that food is often the centerpiece of our social interactions, so it’s no different when you’re throwing a party.

Your party menu is going to either make or break your event.

To make sure that your party menu leaves your guests satisfied, keep reading to see our party food ideas!

Party Food Ideas for Your Next Get Together

When you’re throwing a party, you’ll likely want foods that are easy for your guests to eat. 

Trying to dish up sloppy Joe’s, tacos, or pasta is not only going to be messy, but these types of dishes may be too heavy for some people. When people are gathered around and visiting (and possibly having a few drinks), they often crave food they can just pick at.

Full meals aren’t always a popular party food choice. So, we found 8 awesome party food ideas that will allow your guests to snack and mingle all night long!

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1. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of the most common party food ideas.

They’re so simple, versatile, and of course, delicious! Deviled eggs are also the perfect party food for people with lactose intolerance.

You can make classic deviled eggs, or you can mix them up by adding ham, bacon, green onion, or dijon mustard!

This is a pretty easy party food to make, regardless of what you add. Whichever deviled egg recipe you choose to make, your guests will be clearing the plate before you know it.

2. Pizza Dip

Who doesn’t love a hot, melty slice of pizza?

If you’re looking to satisfy your guests’ pizza cravings but want to stick to finger foods, a pizza dip is perfect for your next party. Add mushrooms, sausage, bacon, or even feta cheese to this classic, simple dip recipe.

If it can go on a pizza, it can go in your dip!

3. Cheese Ball

Cheese balls are a hit at parties, especially around the holidays.

Cheese balls are awesome because you can add whatever ingredients interest you to your base of cream cheese. Add dry ranch dressing, bacon, and green onion for a bacon and ranch cheese ball!

Or, stick with the classic holiday cheeseball recipe and add peppers and pineapple.

However you choose to form your cheese ball, it will be an appetizer that is easy for your guests to pick at while being absolutely delicious!

4. Flatbread Bites

If you want a crunchy, easy to grab party food, then flatbread bites are just the food for you!

Like many appetizers, flatbread bites are completely versatile. You can make a spinach and artichoke flatbread bite, a Margherita flavor, or even a crab dip flatbread!

The possibilities are truly endless for what you can add to your flatbread to create a delicious, simple party food idea.

5. Meat and Cheese Tray

If you’re looking to really keep things simple, why not make a meat and cheese tray?

Most people (besides those with dietary restrictions) enjoy picking off of a meat and cheese tray. Add some salami, summer sausage, bacon, or mini hotdogs, and your favorite types of cheese.

Add some crackers and a little bit of honey to the tray if you’re feeling a little extra fancy.

6. Pinwheel Bites

Pinwheel bites are tortillas rolled up and cut with some type of filling.

You can make pinwheel bites out of many different ingredients. Some popular pinwheel flavors are buffalo chicken, pizza, Italian, or chicken, bacon, and ranch.

Pinwheels are the perfect party food if you’re looking for a grab and go “finger food.” They hold all the aspects that their dip counterpart has, but you don’t have to mess with dishing the pinwheels out and making a mess.

7. Sandwich Sliders

If you love sandwiches but sometimes wish that the portion size was smaller, then sandwich sliders are going to be your go-to party food.

Different variations of sandwiches have been a hit at parties for the longest time. Party subs that are sliced up into small bites and sandwich bars can be found on many party menus.

Well, why not take that concept and convert it into a warm, savory sandwich in the form of a slider?

Sliders are not only super easy to make, but they’re pretty inexpensive. All you have to do is grab a pack of rolls, cut them in half (without pulling them apart), pop your favorite sandwich toppings in, and bake until everything is melty and delicious!

8. Pull-Apart Bread

We’ve probably all seen those satisfying food videos on the internet that make our mouth water.

One of the most common recipes I see is pull-apart bread! A loaf of bread is cut and filled with butter, cheese, garlic, and herbs, taking plain ole’ garlic bread up about 20 notches.

If you want a dessert pull-apart bread, monkey bread is also a delicious option.

What’s Going to be On Your Menu?

With so many options, it can be hard to decide on party food ideas.

To begin, narrow down foods based on allergies, restrictions, or any other dietary preferences. From there, try to gauge the amount of time you’re going to have to prepare the food.

You may find it difficult to make 10 complicated dishes, so create a nice balance. Have maybe 1-3 appetizers that require a little bit of preparation with chopping, cooking, or setting. Have the rest of your options just be pre-made foods that can be laid out before the party starts.

Great options for this are fruit and veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, or relish trays.

With the right menu under your belt, your party is going to be the party all your guests remember.

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