5 Major Benefits We Get From The Fruits We Eat

Fruit has long been known as a healthier choice for snacks and one of the essential food groups for nutrition. Express4Fruits provides a great selection of fresh fruit baskets that satisfy any taste, diet philosophy and budget. The 5 major benefits that people receive from their fruit include the following advantages.

1. Fruit Provides Essential Dietary Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals

Fresh fruit provides dietary fiber that helps fill you up and increases your digestive health. Fiber binds with waste products in the stomach and helps to eliminate them. High-fiber fruit include pears, various types of berries like raspberries and blackberries, apples, pears and pumpkin.

Fruit also provides vitamins A, E, and C and the minerals magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid and zinc. You can obtain more potassium by eating bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes and even tomato paste.

Fruit provides a bit of sweetness to your diet without triggering the problems generated by excessive sugar consumption. Naturally low in calories and fats, you can actually save 200 or more calories by eating twice as much fresh fruit instead of processed snacks.

2. Protection Against Cancer and Other Diseases

Fresh fruit provides protection against most cancers and many other diseases like heart disease, circulatory problems and strokes. Choosing fruit as a big part of your diet also helps you manage your weight more easily without fad diets, miracle weight loss pills or extreme measures like stomach stapling. Most fresh fruits have a healthy supply of biologically active phytochemicals, and those can help lower your blood pressure naturally, reduce the possibility of having a stroke and lower the risks of developing Type 2 diabetes.

However, it’s important to wash your fruit and vegetables before eating them raw because they can carry harmful germs. Most fruit baskets relieve any worries because the fruit is selected for superior appearance and ripeness, and it is pre-washed.

3. Low in Cholesterol and Sodium

Fruit only contains trace amounts of sodium and no cholesterol whatsoever. That makes fruit an ideal choice for those with dietary restrictions, people trying to manage their weight and those wanting to eat healthier. Eating fruit fills your stomach and reduces your appetite so you naturally eat few foods with sodium and cholesterol. Eating fresh fruit actually helps you lower your cholesterol level by improving blood circulation, fostering digestive health and eliminating waste regularly.

Everyone’s tolerance for cholesterol varies. The body actually produces some cholesterol, but most people develop a habit of eating fatty and cholesterol-laden foods. Fresh fruit provides an excellent way to reduce your cholesterol intake because fruit tastes great, and you can quickly develop a taste for natural foods

4. Convenient and Readily Disposable

Fresh fruit is easy to carry along with you for a snack, and unlike packaged foods, there’s usually nothing to discard. Pits and skin are biodegradable and pose no risks of polluting the environment. It’s easy to grab a banana, orange, apple or a handful of grapes as you head out to school, work or errands. Most fruit doesn’t need packaging. Getting fruit baskets always results in a great choice of high-quality and attractive fruit.

Gift baskets help you choose what you eat based on appearance and ripeness, and everyone knows fruit is a healthier choice. Families under pressure for meeting deadlines often overlook their health in the rush of modern life. Having a gift basket of fruit ensures a wide selection of healthy fruit to satisfy any family member.

5. Adopting the Healthy Smoothie Trend

If you have a blender, you can take the health benefits of fruit to the next level — smoothies. All you need to make hundreds of custom smoothies are fruit, some type of liquid and any preferred seasonings or flavorings. You can use honey to sweeten your smoothie without processed sugar and adding vegetables to fruit smoothies makes them a perfect nutritionally balanced snack or meal.

One great tip: Adding raw spinach to your smoothie doesn’t make it taste like cooked spinach. You can add various combinations of fruit and vegetables to create your own favorite blends. Smoothies are great for using up fruit that’s getting overly ripe, and the ripe fruit actually tastes better in a smoothie.

Buy a Gift Basket of Fruit or Give One to a Friend

The benefits of giving fruit-packed gift baskets include the following benefits:

  • Many gifts come in one basket to satisfy any taste.
  • Gift recipients can reuse the basket for other purposes like going on a picnic.
  • Baskets can be delivered anywhere.
  • Fruit provides a healthier alternative to snacks that shows you care about the recipient’s health.
  • Fruit baskets are suitable for any occasion.

Fruit gift baskets are always welcome gifts and make an ideal indulgence for your own use. Popular fruit selections include oranges, pears, plums, figs, strawberries, cherries and different types of apples.

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